Manuel Peláez Menéndez, from Grazanes to Cabrales.

He was born On August 17, 1837 in San Martín, parish of Grazanes, council of Cangas de Onís. He came to work, in the middle of the 19th century as butler to the house knows as "La Torre", situated in the village of Berodia, Cabrales. Certain family tradition affirms that the park placed in front of the entry of the above mentioned building is a work for him. Time later one saw obliged to leave the above mentioned work.
He holder during a brief period of time the post of justice of the peace of Cabrales.

Maried in Berodia with Feliciana Niembro Prieto, aunt of Manuel Niembro de la Concha, who would be a mayor of Cabrales, he continued of neighbor in this village until the day of his death.

In the present genealogy not only there is Manuel's ascending line, but several collateral lines, with present surnames, since "del Cueto", "Corao", "Sierra", or "Tres".

I used as the principal source the books of the parochial file of St Martin of Grazanes and the diocesan archive, as well as several registers of Civil Record of Cabrales and some information extracted from the polls of nobility of the year 1827, 1831, 1650, and 1656 (secondary source*).

* Trespando Corredera, José Manuel, Padrones de hidalguía del concejo de Cangas de Onís, Corao, 2009.

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